Top Miles Wei Dramas To Watch

Wei Zhe Ming (English name: Miles) is a Chinese actor and pop singer who was born in Shizhong District, Jining City, Shandong Province. He received his bachelor’s degree in broadcasting from Tianjin Normal University. We made his musical debut with the publication of his first song in 2012, and his acting debut with the TV series “Love Nagging: Season 1” in 2017.

On January 7th, 2018, he was named one of the Top 10 Rising Stars of the Year Online at the inaugural Golden Shark Awards. Some of his top dramas to watch are:-

Drama name: Unforgettable Love

DramaFans Community Rating: 8.5/10

Episodes: 24

Aired on: Jul 10, 2021 (Monday, Saturday, Sunday) 

Original Network: Mango TV

Director: Li Yu Lei

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Drama, Family

Unforgettable love is a Chinese drama with 24 episodes starring miles wei as its male lead and Hu Yi Xuan as the female lead. It is a comedy family yet romantic drama with a bickering couple having a contractual relationship with childhood trauma and healing processing love.

The story revolves when at the outset, He Qiaoyan (Wei Zheming), CEO of Heshi Group, and Qin Yiyue (Hu Yixuan), a child psychologist, begin a contract marriage for Xiaobao(Sun Sicheng) the child of He Qiaoyan. It tells the story of a rational and indifferent man and a soft, optimistic, considerate, and meticulous psychologist, whose relationship develops from acquaintance to love. However, the logical, detached, and disinterested CEO and the gentle, cheerful, thoughtful, and careful psychologist eventually fall in love.

Drama name: Perfect And Casual

DramaFans Community Rating: 8.4/10

Episodes: 24

Aired on: Sep 28, 2020 (Monday, Tuesday, Saturday, Sunday) 

Original Network: Mango TV

Director: Li Shuang

Genre: Comedy, Romance, School, Drama

Perfect and casual is a Chinese drama with 24 episodes starring miles wei as its male lead named Zhang Si Nia and Xu Ruo Han as female lead named Yun Shu. It is a comedy yet romantic school drama with a cold man and warm woman couple having a contractual relationship. It was adapted from the novel Mr.Perfect and Miss. Almost by Wan Zhi.

The protagonists of this narrative are the chilly and frosty “male god” professor Zhang Si Nian and the tranquil and bright Yun Shu. She was surprised to learn that Yun Shu was her university instructor after a tumultuous first encounter in which he dressed down the extremely fussy Si Nian. The two agreed to enter into a contractual marriage after a series of fortuitous encounters. As their feelings for each other build, they eventually wind up in a true relationship with the sweetest love tale, complete with a lot of hot kisses, depicting a student-teacher in a contractual relationship and numerous couples with them.

Drama name: Perfect And Casual

DramaFans Community Rating: 7.5/10

Episodes: 32

Aired on: Dec 9, 2021 (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday) 

Original Network: Mango TV

Director: Sun Hao

Genre: Romance, Youth, Drama

If the voice has memory is a Chinese drama with 32 episodes starring miles wei as its male lead named Lin Nan and Pan Mei Ye as female lead named Yu Lu Xi. It is a Youthful romantic drama with slow-burn romance.

The story revolves around Yu Lu Xi who was born with a distinctive voice. With her ambition of becoming a voice actor in hand, she discovers that her employer, Lin Nan, is a god in the dubbing industry. Yu Lu Xi, an upbeat and enthusiastic young woman, is working hard to realize her lifelong ambition of becoming a voice actor. She realizes, by coincidence, that her employer Lin Nan is a hidden treasure among the elite staff because he is none other than Mai Da, the voice actor she has long admired. Lin Nan mentors Yu Lu Xi, and the two collaborate to discover the realm of sound. Yu Lu Xi discovers a mystery about Lin Nan as she continues to progress. Regardless, they offer their hearts to each other to develop closer. Yu Lu Xi’s father’s Alzheimer’s condition strikes just as she is beginning to enjoy success in love and her job. She recalls his memories by using her voice.

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