My ID is Gangnam Beauty Korean Drama

DramaFans Community Rating: 8.5/10

No. of Episodes: 16

Aired on: Jul 27, 2018 – Sep 15, 2018 (Friday, Saturday)

Genres: Psychological, Romance, Youth, Drama

Available On: NetflixWeTV, Viki, iflix, Apple TV

Overview of the Story

My ID is Gangnam Beauty, which is a drama that looks at the life of a youthful introverted woman, Kang Mi-Rae, who was bullied in school for being ‘ugly’. Before she starts life anew in the university, she undergoes plastic surgery, in the expectancy of looking like a ‘regular student’.

Cast of My ID is Gangnam Beauty

The cast of My ID is Gangnam Beauty K-drama consists of Im Soo Hyang as Kang Mi Rae, Cha Eun Woo as Do Kyung Suk, Jo Woo Ri as Hyun Soo Ah and Kwak Dong Yeon as Yeon Woo Young.

Name: Im Soo-hyang
Age:  31 years old
Popular Shows & Movies:
My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, Graceful Family, When I Was The Most Beautiful, New Tales of Gisaeng, Eun-ha and many more.

Name: Cha Eun-woo
Age:  24 years old
Popular Shows & Movies:
True Beauty, Handsome Tigers, Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung, Sweet Revenge, Top Management and many more.

Name: Jo Woo-ri
Age:  29 years old
Popular Shows & Movies:
My ID Is Gangnam Beauty, Descendants of the Sun, To All The Guys Who Loved Me, Welcome to Waikiki, Witch at Court and many more.

Name: Kwak Dong-yeon
Age:  24 years old
Popular Shows & Movies:
Vincenzo, Never Twice, My Strange Hero, Our Beloved Summer, Love in the Moonlight, It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and many more.

Summary of My ID is Gangnam Beauty

My ID is Gangnam Beauty is a Psychological – Romantic Youthful Dramawih the nice female lead, the beauty standards and college life with 16 episodes to watch free on WETV, IFLIX, and AppleTV to starring Im Soo-Hyang as Kang Mi-rae who is a timid and insecure girl who has low self-esteem due to her “ugly” appearance. She desires to live a “normal” life and does not like standing out.

After being bullied throughout middle school and high school, she finally decides to undergo cosmetic surgery before starting college. As she enters the university, she starts to feel the pressure of being “beautiful” and “popular” among her peers. She aspires to be a perfumer. A student of Chemistry Department of Korea University Class of 2018. and our most handsome male lead Cha Eun-woo as Do Kyung-Seok who is a handsome college student who possesses both intelligence and wealth, but secretly harbors emotional scars from his unhappy home environment. He is indifferent about what others think, thus appearing cold and distant; however, he does have a caring side within him. In particular, he does not care about beauty or physical appearance despite being praised for his good looks. A student of Chemistry Department of Korea University Class of 2018 and Jo Woo-ri as Hyun Soo-ah and Kwak Dong-Yeon as Yeon Woo-young too.

This series chronicles the narrative of Kang Mi Rae, a girl who was formerly tormented because of her appearance. As a result, she grew nervous, wary of others, and reclusive. Mi Rae, on the other hand, decides she wants a fresh start away from bullying and has plastic surgery to modify her features. When she starts university, she encounters Do Kyung Suk from their middle school days, who views people for who they are on the inside rather than what they seem like on the exterior, he then becomes attracted to Kang Mi Rae.

Kang Mi-rae (Im Soo-Hyang) chooses to have cosmetic surgery after being ridiculed for years due to her appearance. Her “rebirth” appears to be a success at first, but as her life at university develops, her plan begins to fail. The pressure of being a “pretty girl” begins to wear on her, and those who can see through her surgery mock her and label her as the “Gangnam plastic surgery monster,” and as Mi-rae tries to regain her self-esteem as she gets to know her classmate, and former middle school classmate, Do Kyung-Seok (Cha Eun-woo), who is cold but very affectionate towards his sister Do Kyung-hee (Kim Ji-min).

As Mi Rae is taunted again and called “Gangnam Beauty,” Kyung Suk, the cold, aloof but kind inside, becomes the one person who stands up for her, and Mi Rae begins to regain her lost confidence and finds that genuine beauty is not on the exterior.

Ending of My ID is Gangnam Beauty

Actually until this last episode, still don’t know if Kyung-Seok and his family have a happy ending. Their end is open-ended, but do think the possibility to reunite or at least to be on good terms again as a family of four is there. Maybe they just need some time away from one another to recover.

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