Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me Season-1

DramaFans Community Rating: 8/10

No. of Episodes: 23

Aired on: Jan 9, 2017 (Monday)

Genres: ComedyRomanceSchoolYouth

Available On: WeTVVikiTencentVideoTencentVideo, KUKAN

Overview of the Story

A strange twist of fate throws poor tearaway milk delivery girl Chu Xia (Fei Xing) together with an unlikely Prince Charming – cruel know-it-all business inheritor Han Qi Lu (Li Hong Yi), known to his schoolmates as Master Devil. Disaster strikes – Chu Xia finds herself orphaned and stray.

Cast of Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

The cast of Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me C-drama consists of Li Hong Yi as Han Qi Lu, and Xing Fei as An Chu Xia.

Name: Li Hongyi
Age:  23 years old
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Name: Xing Fei
Age:  27 years old
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Summary of Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

Master Devil Don’t Kiss Me is a Romantic- Comedy Youth school Chinese Drama. It has some cute Height differences, Benevolent mother, has bickering couple being housemates, Cheerful female lead and emotionless male lead. It is adapted from the web novel Master devil don’t kiss me also followed by season 2. Season 1 of 23 episodes starring the main characters Li Hongyi as Han Qi Lu, Xing Fei as An Chu Xia, Zhang Jiongmin asking Han Yu, and Jason Fu as Jaing Chen Chaun too. You can watch it for free at WeTV, Viki, Kukan, Tecent Video subbed in English and other languages. The chemistry between the main characters is very pleasing to the eyes.

In a strange twist of destiny, penniless tearaway milk delivery girl Chu Xia meets an unexpected Prince Charming – ruthless know-it-all corporate heir Han Qi Lu. Will Han Qi Lu and his classmates frighten Chu Xia away, or will she win everyone over with her special charms? And will Chu Xia and Master Devil’s terrible adversity transform into something altogether…sweeter?

A very easily enjoyable, light-hearted show with classic romance-comedy tropes that ended up unconsciously becoming addictive to watch and hard to stop. While Master Devil uses many familiar rom-com tropes reminiscent of Itazura Na Kiss and Hana Yori Dango (amongst others), the show stands out well in being a GOOD well-written romcom WITHOUT all the unnecessary angst, frustration over stupid/extreme characters or developments, and exaggerated/pointless drama. The plot is well-balanced and well-written in being reasonable in its developments while staying true to the classic tropes of romcoms. There is not only a good balance of romantic development between the leads but also ample time given for the female lead Chu Xia to independently develop her story arcs and interactions with other characters without the male lead.

An Chu Xia has been reliant on her mother her entire life. Her mother’s death left her despondent and powerless. Tai Jiang Yuanyuan, a kind-hearted and wealthy man, took her in. Everyone admires her for living a lavish lifestyle, but only she understands the warmth and coldness of her existence. She attended the aristocratic school as the fiancee of Han Qi Lu, the young master of the Han family. She and Han Qi Lu did not get along. They will argue every time they meet. The situation at aristocratic schools is bleak. The pupils in the class had a lot of clothes and food. An Chu Xia decided to begin with herself and improve the present circumstances. . Meanwhile, Ling Han Yu and Jiang Chen Chuan both like her, and her relationship with Han Qi Lu is gradually changing.

Ending of Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

As the first season ends in suspense, where An Chu Xia got Kidnapped. Han Qi Lu, Meng Xiao Nan, Ling Han Yu, Feng Shao, and Jiang Chen Chuan all got tense at An Chu Xia didn’t come to the competition. Let’s See What Happened in the Next Season.

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  1. Extraordinary show… This show is generally like other chinese dramatization where rich person experiences unfortunate young lady, their story starts, however having Li hong yi – Xing fei combo has made the show novel. Xing fei has her own appeal and uniqueness in all her shows, she is so versatile inside each character she does, I like her acting. Everything is great, yet they changed the cast in season 3 which was exceptionally frustrating. It resembled watching a whole new dramatization. It’d be extraordinary in the event that they proceeded with the story with a similar cast. Albeit excellent show, decent one


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