Promise Of Chang’an C-drama Review

Drama name: The Promise of Chang’an

DramaFans Community Rating: 8/10

Episodes: 56

Aired on: Sep 10, 2020 (Thursday, Friday, Saturday) 

Original Network: Tencent Video

Director: Yin Tao

Genre: Historical, Romance, Drama

The Promise of Chang’an is a 56-episode historical Chinese drama featuring the male protagonist as Cheng Yi as Xiao Cheng Xu, the 9th Prince, Zhao Ying Zi as Helen Ming Yu, and Han Dong Xiao as Cheng Rui, the Emperor. It is a historical love drama featuring an ambitious male protagonist who is involved in political intrigue, family rivalry, a power struggle for the crown, and a beautiful female lead.

The plot is set in the mythical country of Sheng. He Lan Ming Yu is a dependable and smart young lady. When she is younger, she encounters the 9th Prince Xiao Cheng Xu by chance. They get along well and gradually develop feelings for one another. However, fate conspires against them, and Ming Yu is forced to marry Cheng Xu’s third oldest brother, reigning king Xiao Cheng Rui, while a false report of Cheng Xu’s death on the battlefield spreads. Cheng Xu helps Cheng Rui construct a magnificent and stable country by constant huge war victories, but Cheng Rui is envious of his brilliant younger brother. When the truth about Cheng Xu’s mother’s death is uncovered, Cheng Xu is determined to seize the throne to take vengeance. However, Cheng Rui dies of an old illness shortly after nominating his son Xiao Qi Yuan to succeed him. Cheng Xu feels driven to assist Qi Yuan in maturing while also wanting to revive his romance with Ming Yu. Qi Yuan, on the other hand, is dissatisfied with Cheng Xu’s power. When he learns that his uncle is having an affair with his mother, his dislike for Cheng Xu grows enormously. Ming Yu makes every effort to reconnect her son with Cheng Xu.

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