Nothing But You Chinese Drama


DramaFans Community Rating: 9/10

Episodes: 24

Aired on: January 10, 2022 (Monday) 

Original Network: iQiyi 

Director: Francis Nam

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Main Lead: Luo Zheng, Rain Wang

Nothing but you is a Chinese drama starring Rain Wang Herun as female lead named Bi Xiaoran / Jiang Lili and Luo Zheng as male lead named as Lai Zhengyi. It is an ongoing drama first aired on Jan 10, 2022, with a comedy- a romantic story with identical twins exchanging identities revolving around the love story. It is adapted from the novel “He Came Against the Light” by Zuo Tong.

The story of the drama starts with Jiang Li Li being a “loser” who was forced to pretend to be her twin sister because of an accident. After experiencing the extreme contrast between the life of a top-notch producer, which is her sister, and herself, she strives to become a better version of herself and eventually finds love.

Bi Xiaoran and Jiang Lili are identical twins, but their similarities end there since they are opposed.

Bi Xiaoran was consistently at the top of their class, whereas Jiang Lili was at the bottom. While Bi Xiaoran has progressed to become a powerful and well-known producer at Lemeng Entertainment, Jiang Lili remains a struggling live streamer. Many people outside of their family were unaware that they were twins. Bi Xiaoran chose their father’s surname after their parents divorced, while Jiang Lili took her mother’s. But the stunning Lai Zhengyi had always suspected that the two girls were twins since he went to the same school as them, even if the girls seemed to have forgotten about him.

As the story goes by In the latest 15th episode we can see that Lili was hunting for the Maid of the Evil Cult’s copyright. She sought assistance from Qin Yanfei. He informed her that he would only assist her if she could get her sister to come to him and apologize. Lili claimed to be Xiaoran to obtain the copyright from Yanfei because Xiaoran refused to apologize to Yanfei. Yanfei realized quickly that it was Lili before him, but Lili immediately received a call informing her that her sister was back in the hospital. Yanfei dashed to the hospital, entirely forgetting that Xiaoran owed him an apology. Xiaoran told Yanfei that Yuanhang was the true victim. She requested that he not travel overseas for additional education for her. Ning Xia is attempting to separate Lili and Zhengyi, but Lili is a fighter. Yanfei did get an apology from Yanfei, therefore he eagerly signed the I Am A Maid of the Evil Cult document. During the I Am A Maid of the Evil Cult press conference, a lady interrupted Yanfei and claimed that the novel was plagiarised.


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