Samee Chua Keun Thai Lakorn Details

Drama Name: Samee Chua Keun

DramaFans Community Rating: 7.5/10

Aired on: 14 January 2022 (Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

No. of Episodes: 17

End date: 20 Feburary, 2022

Original language: Thai

Samee Chua Keun is a Thai drama casting Paparwadee Chansamorn as Chonphansa, and Euro Yotsawat Tawapee as Kasa, the main lead. It has a total of 17 episodes started on Jan 14, 2022, and is most likely to be completed on Feb 20, 2022, It is also known as ‘HUSBAND OVERNIGHT’ as it is adapted from a novel husand overnight by Sopee Panerai. it is a romantic suspense drama.

The story revolves around the chon phase where the minute she opened her eyes, she spotted her naked body and a man sleeping on his stomach next to her. The entire world appeared to crumble in front of her. Her life has not been easy as her sister, Rin, blames her for scampering her chance to study abroad. The money intended for her studies had to be used to treat her nephew who had health issues due to being born prematurely.  Chon Phansa, a gorgeous woman who got intoxicated till she lost her mind for only one night, was destined to become a single mother. She decided to raise her child alone, never expecting anything in return from her “Overnight Husband.” When the man who is “the father of her kid” reappears in her life, this is referred to as fate. 

She was being assaulted by loan sharks one day when the guy from Go To who provided her a lift to kindergarten to pick up her son appeared. Kasa was the go-to man. Then she was taken aback by the sight of a man who had rescued her kid from the clutches of a loan shark. She recognized him as the father of her son, with whom she had a one-night encounter. He had no idea who she was. Chayut was his name. Kasa and Chayut are half-brothers, as fate would have it. Kasa is Chayut’s father’s mistress’s son, and as such is regarded differently than the legal family. This time, though, the family patriarch had decided to appoint Kasa as the new CEO of a failing business. what will happen ahead let’s watch and continue to ship our favorite couples!

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