Indian Cuisine: List of Popular Dishes in India 2024

Popular Dishes in India 2023: Feeling hungry? Are you interested in trying Indian cuisine but confused about what to order? Don’t worry, we’ll provide you with a list of the top Indian foods that are all incredibly delicious and certain to satiate your appetite. Continue reading on the topic: Indian Cuisine: List of Popular Dishes in India 2023!

Why is Indian Cuisine so diverse?

Cuisine is a type of cooking that makes use of particular ingredients and techniques that are common and important in a particular region. India is large and diverse, both in terms of its geography and its culture. India features deserts, mountains, hot summers, and harsh winters. In addition, India has a rich religious and cultural variety. Indian food, therefore, is very varied.

India has always been the home of spice. The climate of India is favorable for spices, and because spices are freely available, they are used to such an extent in Indian cuisine that the meals are mouth-watering.

Indian food can be classified into two primary categories: North Indian cuisine and South Indian cuisine, despite the fact that India itself has hundreds of different cuisines. North Indian cuisine prefers naans and rotis over rice and is creamy. South Indian cuisine prefers rice more with various lentils, the curries are hotter over there and the dish features a lot of seafood and coconut.

Additionally, Indian food is very popular throughout the world. In foreign nations, there are a lot of Indian outlets and restaurants. Additionally, searches for “popular Indian dishes to order” and “popular Indian dishes in America” are common.

Top Popular Dishes in India 2023

Sometimes eating the same thing over and over again becomes boring for some. So, they get a craving of eating something different. And if you have a craving for Indian cuisine, you can choose any item from this list and you will not be disappointed, but rather satisfied.

The top dishes in India are as follows:

  • Biryani
  • Rajma Chawal
  • Masala Dosa
  • Dhokla
  • Chole Bhature
  • Palak Paneer
  • Vindaloo


The flavorful meal known as biryani perfectly encapsulates why India is known as the “country of spices.” It needs a lot of spices, and making the Biryani masala itself uses a lot of spices. It can be cooked with either meat or veggies.

The preparation of biryani takes a long time. In order to begin the biryani preparation, the meat must be first marinated for at least a few hours. Biryani is made with a special variety of rice called Basmati. After the meat has been marinated, the rice is added to a pot with the marinated meat and cooked at a low temperature until the fragrant, flavorful Biryani is ready.

Rajma Chawal

A dish that is well-known throughout India, but especially in Northern India. In the majority of Indian homes, this dish is prepared as a dinner one to two days a week or more. The Himachal area of India produces the most rajma or kidney beans.

Rajma chawal is a kidney bean, onion, garlic, tomato, and spice-based curry that is creamy and moderately spicy. Rajma, or kidney beans, are also very healthy because they are high in protein and only have 140 calories per 100 gm.

Masala Dosa

Although a South Indian cuisine, dosa is well-known and popular throughout India. It is similar to naan but lighter and slightly sweeter. A dosa can either be loaded with anything to make it tastier or eaten plain with various chutneys. However, the extent of linking the plain or stuffed dosa varies from person to person. The most popular version of stuffed Dosa is Masala Dosa. Masala Dosa is a delicious dish in which the dosa is filled with spicy potatoes.


Famous in Gujarat and belonging to Gujarati cuisine, dhokla is an Indian snack that is similar to a cake. In North India, it is eaten as a snack or on special occasions, but in Gujarat, it is eaten for breakfast, as a side dish, or even as a main course.

Dhokla is a type of steamed cake made from lentils, chili pepper, coriander, ginger, and baking soda. Additionally, there are ten other varieties of dhokla, including Rava dhokla, Rasia dhokla, Khatta dhokla, and many others.

Chole Bhature

Chole Bhature is a Punjabi dish. It is a dish made of soft and crunchy fried bread that is served with chickpeas and is more popularly known as channa masala in India. People would repeatedly fall in love with the curry or channa masala that gets served with it. It is offered with pickles and lassi as well. For Indians, it makes a fantastic breakfast.


Vindaloo is a hot and spicy curry that is regarded as one of the hottest curries in the world. It is a typical tomato-based curry prepared with minced meat, garlic, hot chilies, wine, or vinegar.

It was introduced by the Portuguese in the 15th century to the Goa region of India. The Portuguese dish which it was derived from was known as vinha d’alhos.

Palak Paneer

Palak paneer is a classical north Indian vegetarian dish. It is a creamy dish that contains cubed Indian cottage cheese. It is a curry made of as the name suggests Palak which means Spinach. The color of the curry is green. First of all, the spinach is cooked and then the spinach is made thickened by adding cream or coconut. Following that, fried Indian cottage cheese cubes are added to the thickened spinach stew. This can be served with naan, as a side dish, or even alongside rice.

Popular Dishes in India 2023
Popular Dishes in India 2023


Indian cuisine is well-known for its use of spices, curries, and biryanis, as well as its street food culture. There are many delicious meals in Indian cuisine, which is diverse. Additionally, Indian cuisine has become increasingly popular in recent years as a result of its true discovery. The prevalence of Indian restaurants nowadays in other nations is due to this. Additionally, those who don’t know about Indian cuisine may be unsure about what to eat. We provided a list of popular Indian dishes in 2023 to assist those people to choose what dish to order on their next visit to an Indian restaurant.

Popular Dishes in India 2023
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