Solar Eclipse 2024 Timing in USA, Canada, UK

The Solar Eclipse 2023 Timing in various countries, including the USA, UK, India, Australia, Canada, and more, can be found on this page. A solar eclipse is a celestial event where either the moon or sun appears to be completely or partially obscured by the Earth’s shadow. This phenomenon occurs when the moon or the sun passes between each other and the Earth.

Astrologers predict four eclipses for the year 2023, comprising two lunar eclipses (Chandra Grahan) and two solar eclipses (Surya Grahan). Many people are eager to learn the dates, times, effects, and Sutak period of these eclipses, and we are here to provide all the information you need about the Solar Eclipse 2023 Timing in the USA, UK, India, Australia, and Canada.

Solar Eclipse 2023

The initial solar eclipse of 2023 will take place on April 20th and will be a total solar eclipse. This event will be visible in regions including South and East Asia, Antarctica, the Pacific, the Indian Ocean, and Australia.

The second solar eclipse of 2023 will occur on October 25th as a partial solar eclipse. It will be visible in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, North America, North/East South America, the Pacific Ocean, the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, the Arctic Ocean, and Antarctica.

Solar Eclipse 2023 in India

In India, there will be four solar eclipses in 2023, so prepare your astrology tools accordingly. Two of these will be Chandra Grahans, and the other two will be Surya Grahans. The timings for these eclipses and their visibility in India will be detailed in the following sections, helping you plan accordingly.

Solar Eclipse 2023 in the USA

The solar eclipse on October 14, 2023, will be visible in North America, Central America, and South America. Some regions of the United States, Mexico, and South and Central America will be able to witness this annular solar eclipse. The eclipse will begin in Oregon at 9:13 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time (PDT) and conclude in Texas at 12:03 p.m. Central Daylight Time (CDT).

Solar Eclipse 2023 in the UK

The first complete solar eclipse of 2023 in the UK will occur on April 20, 2023. It will commence at 02:37:08 (UTC Time) and last until 05:56:43 (UTC Time). The peak of the total solar eclipse will be at 4:16:53 (UTC Time). On October 14, 2023, an annular solar eclipse will begin at 15:03:50 (UTC Time) and end at 20:55:16 (UTC Time). The peak of the annular solar eclipse will be at 17:59:32 (UTC Time).

Precautions for Viewing Solar Eclipses in 2023 When viewing a solar eclipse, it’s crucial to follow safety guidelines:

  1. Avoid direct eye contact with the sun to prevent irreversible eye damage.
  2. Safely observe the eclipse using certified solar viewing glasses or a pinhole projector.
  3. Ensure that your solar viewing glasses meet ISO 12312-2 standards.
  4. Ordinary sunglasses do not provide adequate protection and should not be used.
  5. If you experience discomfort or vision problems while looking at the sun, seek medical assistance promptly.
Solar Eclipse 2023
Solar Eclipse 2023

Should You Watch the Solar Eclipse?

Whether or not you should observe the complete solar eclipse in 2023 depends on your personal preferences and the viewing conditions. Watching a solar eclipse can be an exciting experience, particularly for those interested in celestial events. However, it’s essential to prioritize safety and protect your eyes from potential harm by following the safety measures outlined above. If you have any questions or concerns about Solar Eclipse 2023, feel free to share them in the comments section, and click here to stay connected to our website for further updates.

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