Hello, the Sharpshooter C-drama Latest Updates

Drama Name: Hello, Sharpshooter

DramaFans Community Rating: 8.5/10

Aired on: 2 February 2022 (Monday, Tuesday)

No. of Episodes: 40

End date: 10 March, 2022

Original language: Korean

Hello, The Sharpshooter is a Chinese dramatization that was delivered on 02 February 2022. It has 40 episodes.

Its CAST’s are:

Hu Yitian/Shen Qing Yuan, Fair Xing/Tang Xin, Kido Ma/Du Ling Feng, Luo Qiu Yun/Shi Xiao Ci

At the National Games, understudy sports journalist Tang Xin was entrusted to meet with the hero of the 50-meter gun occasion. She was astonished to discover it was Shen Qingyuan, her shooting trainer which she covertly preferred four years prior. During the meeting, Tang Xin was shocked by Shen Qingyuan’s cool mentality, and she start faltering, making her nearly lose her employment. Blaming news revealing and program creation, Tang Xin tracks down motivations to get close to Shen Qingyuan and attempts to take care of the foundation of the issue. In the shooting crew, she meets a wide range of competitors, each with their remarkable stories and life foundations. At last, she figured out how to deliver a shooting program that was generally welcomed by the crowd and tackles her working environment emergency. With analyst Ding Fang’s assistance, Tang Xin assists Shen Qingyuan with settling the bunch in his heart and cosmetics with his previous confidant Du Lingfeng. Conveying dreams and love in their heart, they stand on the shooting stage together, pointing higher toward magnificence.

At the National Games, Tang Xin, an understudy journalist from the TV Sports Channel, is requested to meet with the hero of the 50-meter gun slow-firing occasion. She observes that the victor isn’t veteran Du Ling Feng that everybody was hopeful about, however Shen Qing Yuan, the “shooting lobby guide” she subtly enjoyed four years prior.

Shen Qing Yuan’s impassive disposition in the meeting shocks Tang Xin, almost demolishing her profession. Tang Xin just methodologies Shen Qing Yuan for the sake of following reports and delivering programs, attempting to take care of the issue from the root. In the commonplace shooting crew, she meets Du Ling Feng, a previous gun slow-firing champion who is reluctant to lose, Shi Xiao Ci, a cutthroat female air rifle player, twin siblings Chen Ning and Chen Hai, who are the two jokers yet genuine.

With the Asian Championships upon them, Shi Xiao Ci is unintentionally harmed, and she decides to give her shooting dream to Du Ling Feng. Tang Xin, with the assistance of the commonplace group therapist Ding Fang, settle Shen Qing Yuan’s profound bunch.

Shen Qing Yuan and Du Ling Feng, who blew for blow previously, at long last delivered their doubts. With their fantasies and love, they stand one next to the other on the shooting stage and send off a higher run to respect.

Hello, The Sharpshooter Episode number 19 will be telecasted on February 16, 2022.

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