Praomook Thai Drama Review: Best Thai Drama

Drama name: Praomook

DramaFans Community Rating: 8/10

Episodes: 15

Aired on: May 10, 2021 (Monday, Tuesday) 

Original Network:  Channel 3, ViuTV

Director:  Sarasawadee Wongsompetch

Genre: Drama, Romance

Main Lead: Pon Nawasch Phupantachsee, Bua Nalinthip Sakulongumpai

Praomook is a Thai-Drama series released in 2021 having 15 episodes starring Pon Nawasch Phupantachsee as the main male lead role named Chalunthorn ANantanapat or Lun and Bua Nalinthip SakulonGumpai as the main female lead named Praomook Wongnuannnang. It is a Romantic drama that will give you the feel of a female lead chasing her man first being a bickering couple with the super hate-to-love story. It was aired from  May 10, 2021 – to Jul 5, 2021. It is adapted from the novel “Praomook” by Pakboong. There is a very beautiful collaboration between the actors.

The story revolves around a DJ who marries the man that she used to love when she was young, even though he hates her now. Will they be able to use their heart to see their true feelings for each other in this chase of love?

Teenagers Praomook and Chalantorn are temporarily married as part of a superstitious marriage to ward off bad luck. Chalantorn has always regarded Praomook as an ugly duckling and a nuisance, even though she is madly in love with him. Years later, they happen to cross paths again in South Korea, where Chalantorn is shot. His parents, believing that the misfortune has returned, ask Praomook to marry him to dispel it. They offer to buy back her father’s house, which they lost due to his debt and was a burden on her. Praomook agrees to marry him, vowing to make him fall in love with her to retaliate, whereas Chalantorn believes she is manipulative and self-centered.  Praomook hesitates but later agrees to marry him for only one year. To get rid of her, Chalantorn pretends to be gay with his closest buddy, Rut, who is drawn to Praomook and wishes to win her over. They will ultimately fall in love, yet there will be obstacles to their relationship. Treenutch, Chalunthorn’s ex, seeks vengeance while attempting to reclaim Chalunthorn.

Praomook and Chalantorn have a love-hate connection while searching for the person who is attempting to murder Chalantorn and spending their days challenging one other. There’s also Maithong, Praomook’s family’s adversary, and Chalunthorn’s fling.

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