Vincenzo Korean Drama: All time Fav

DramaFans Community Rating: 8.5/10

No. of Episodes: 20

Aired on: 20 February 2021 – 2 May, 2021 (Saturday, Sunday)

Genres: Comedy, Law, Crime,  Drama

Available On: Netflix, TVING

Overview of the Story

The basic story is based on Park Joo-Hyung (Song Joong-ki). A boy who was adopted by an Italian family at the age of eight. He thereafter joins the mafia and is adopted by Don Fabio, leader of the Cassano Family. Renamed “Vincenzo Cassano” he becomes a lawyer, an advisor for the mafia, and Don Fabio’s right-hand man.

Cast of Vincenzo

The cast of Vincenzo K-drama consists of Song Joong-ki as Vincenzo, Jeon Yeo-been as Hong Cha-young, Ok- Taecyeon as Jang Jun-woo.

Name: Song Joong-ki
Age:  36 years old
Popular Shows & Movies:  
Vincenzo, Rio, Descendants of the Sun, Arthdal Chronicles, Space Sweepers and many more.

Name: Jeon Yeo-been
Age:  32 years old
Popular Shows & Movies:  
Glitch, Vincenzo, Be Melodramatic, Live, Save Me, Cobweb, Night in Paradise, After My Death and many more.

Name: Ok Taecyeon
Age:  33 years old
Popular Shows & Movies:  
Dream High, Who Are You, Bring It On Ghost, Secret Royal Inspector & Joy, Save Me and many more.

Summary of Vincenzo

Vincenzo aired on tvN every Saturday and Sunday at 21:00 (KST) from February 20, 2021, to May 2, 2021; each episode was uploaded on Netflix in South Korea and abroad following its television broadcast. Park Joo-Hyung, an eight-year-old boy was adopted by an Italian family. Thereafter, he joins the mafia and is adopted by Don Fabio, the Cassano Family’s head. Renamed “Vincenzo Cassano”, he goes on to become a lawyer, a mafia consigliere, and Don Fabio’s right-hand man.

When Fabio dies, Vincenzo decides to carry out his dying wish by setting fire to the vineyard of a rival mafia boss. Paolo tries to assassinate Vincenzo and fails. Vincenzo warns Paolo by blowing up his automobile and then flees to Korea. Geauga Plaza is the last remaining residential-commercial building in Korea that has not been bought by the Babel Group.

Meanwhile, Hong Yoo-chan, a righteous lawyer, is representing innocent drug testers in a case against Babel Pharmaceuticals. His daughter, Hong Cha-young, is the defendant’s lawyer at the Wusang Law Firm. Tenants are being forced to vacate Geumga Plaza after Babel Group forcibly bought it by threatening Mr. Cho to destroy it and build Babel Tower. Hong Cha-young goes to the Plaza because her father refuses to leave the building on the day it is demolished. Even with the presence of the Italian Ambassador, Vincenzo holds a large-scale party in Geumga Plaza on the day of destruction, making it difficult to begin the demolition. Hong Cha-young enters the pub and discovers Yoo-chan dead on the ground.

Vincenzo is brought to the hospital while unconscious. Cha-young recommends to Vincenzo that she assist him in reclaiming Geumga Plaza. they decide to collaborate. After killing Cha-young, Han-Seok sees an opportunity to shoot and effectively assassinate Vincenzo once and for all, but at the last second, Han-SEO takes the pistol and points it towards himself. later in the hospital, while caring for Cha-young. He understands it is their final night together as he prepares to flee Korea for his crimes.

Before Vincenzo can leave Korea, Mr. Cho and Gi-Seok say their goodbyes, and Cha-young and Joo-sung arrive to do the same. After a year, the new Cassano family has gone on with their lives, both collectively and individually. Cha-young attends a diplomatic Italian party, where she briefly reunites with Vincenzo.

The series concludes with Vincenzo, remaining as his wicked form, monologuing, declaring that in a world where evil is all too prevalent, justice alone will not beat villains, and that ruthlessness is frequently required to rid the world of them.

Ending of Vincenzo

The drama concludes with Vincenzo (Song Joong-ki) running to an island around Malta after obtaining his revenge against the Babel Group leader Jang Jun-woo (Ok Taecyeon). However, the gold he was after is yet with Hong Cha-young (Jeon Yeo-been). This leaves the door open for his possible return to Korea.

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2 thoughts on “Vincenzo Korean Drama: All time Fav”

  1. I have to say, this is insane. Only 6 episodes have been released so far but the show is taking off incredibly well! The characters, their acting, the plot sketch, the setting – perfect. Everything adds up to the most perfect revelation in the end with no loose strings yet. Not to mention the casting. What a brilliant job getting in Song Joon Ki, Ok Taec yeon, Yoo Jae Myung and Kim Yeo Jin. Song Joon Ki’s character is Italian, therefore, his Italian speaking skills charm their way to your heart, when he is already very charming and cunning as a lawyer. Stunning Jeon Yeo Been is a strong-headed, bold and smart woman who knows exactly what she wants and gets it. A refreshing break from your generic damsel-in-distress roles that are oddly popular. I have to stress this again – all the actors do an incredible job with their roles. Shows how experienced they are in this art. Vincenzo is a perfect blend of dark drama, thrilling suspense, politically motivated crime and the most subtle touch of comedy when you least expect it. 4 episodes in and you’ll witness a major twist you would not have seen coming from a mile away. This drama is absolutely wonderful. Haven’t enjoyed a K-drama this much in a very long time. Cannot wait for more

  2. I need to say, this is crazy. Just 6 episodes have been delivered up until this point yet the show is taking off amazingly well! The characters, their acting, the plot sketch, the setting – great. Everything amounts to the absolute best disclosure eventually with no free strings yet.

    Also the projecting. What a splendid occupation getting in Song Joon Ki, Ok Taec yeon, Yoo Jae Myung and Kim Yeo Jin. Tune Joon Ki’s personality is Italian, consequently, his Italian talking abilities beguile their direction to your heart, when he is exceptionally enchanting and sly as a legal advisor. Staggering Jeon Yeo Been is a solid headed, strong and brilliant lady who knows the very thing she needs and gets it. An invigorating break from your nonexclusive maiden in-trouble jobs that are strangely well known. I need to pressure this again – every one of the entertainers make a mind blowing showing with their jobs. Shows how experienced they are in this workmanship.

    Vincenzo is an ideal mix of dim dramatization, exciting anticipation, politically inspired wrongdoing and the most unpretentious bit of satire when you wouldn’t dare hoping anymore. 4 episodes in and you’ll observer a significant turn you could not have possibly seen coming far in advance. This show is totally brilliant. Haven’t partaken in a K-show this much in seemingly forever. Can hardly wait for additional


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