Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon K-Drama Review

DramaFans Community Rating: 8.7/10

No. of Episodes: 16

Aired on: February 24, 2017 – April 15, 2017 (Saturday, Sunday)

Genres: Crime; Fantasy; Thriller; Action; Romantic comedy

Available on: Netflix (subscription) , WeTV (Free), Viki (subscription)

Cast Of Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

Main Lead: Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Sik, Kim Ji Soo

Supporting Role: Jun Suk Ho, Shim Hye Jin, Yoo Jae Myung, Ahn Woo Yeon, Kim Min Kyo, Yoon Ye Hee, Kim Won Hae, Im Won Hee, Kim Ki Moo, Seol In Ah, Yang Joo Ho, Choi Won Myung, Jang Mi Kwan, Lee Do Hyun, Park Bo Mi, Kim Young Choon, Baek Soo Ryun, Yoon Young Joo, Kim Sung Bum, Kim Won Seok, Shim Hoon Gi, Choi Young Shin, Lee Ho Chul, Min Ji Hyun, Kim Won Joon, Jun Byung Chul, Lee Se Wook, Choi Seung Hoon, Choi Moo In, Choi Hyung, Choi Hyun Seo, Ahn Chang Hwan, Yoo In Soo, Kim Soo Yeon, Kim Won Suk.

Story Of Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

Strong woman bong soon is a 2017 South Korean television series starring Park Bo-young as a woman with superhuman power, with Park Hyung-Sik and Ji Soo. From February 24 to April 15, 2017, it was broadcast on JTBC. It got very famous as it was aired and became one of the highest-rated Korean dramas in history.

Park Bo-young here is starred as Do bong-soon, Park Hyung-Sik is starred as Ahn Min-hyuk, and Ji soo is starred as in Guk-doo in the series. Do Bong-soon was born with extraordinary abilities. Her power is inherited and exclusively handed down to the ladies in her family. Her ambition is to develop a video game in which she is the primary character. She is anxious to become the delicate and exquisite lady whom her infatuation, In Guk-doo, a police officer, desires. Because of her power, she is hired as a bodyguard for affluent heir Ahn Min-hyuk, the CEO of a game firm called Ainsoft.

As she grew, Bong-soon struggled with her desire to conceal her strength and her urge to fight the injustices she saw in the world. At times, she explains, she held herself back from intervening in wrongdoings because she wanted to live a normal life. After a series of failures, Bong-soon finally stumbled upon a job that suited her, and where she could still express her strength—being a gamer. Despite Min-hyuk’s efforts and the incident prompts him to seriously contemplate employing a bodyguard. From the car, Min-hyuk watches Bong-soon ride off on her bicycle, the wind catching in her bouncy hair and the memory of her strength makes his heart pound. At her parents’ walnut shop, Bong-soon arrives after hours of delay. Later, Secretary Gong meets with Bong-soon to interview her for the bodyguard position. He explains to Bong-soon that Min-hyuk personally recommended her and after a turn series of actions she becomes Min-hyuk’s bodyguard they become come a little closer than before and min-hyuk starts to fall for Bong-soon head over heels. While on the other side a string of kidnappings occurs in Dobong-dong, Bong-neighborhood soon’s and she is desperate to find the perpetrator who targeted her closest friend. She manages to control her strength and utilize it for good with the assistance and instruction of Min-hyuk.

Min-hyuk and Bong-romance soon are blossoming. Their friendship at work and in search of the kidnapper generates humorous and perilous scenarios that bring them closer together. While the kidnapper is sentenced to life imprisonment, Min-Hyuk receives a Braze Citizen Award, since no one knows that Bong-Soon was the real person who caught him. After the crazy adventure events they faced together they got to know they were made for each other We jump to the wedding where Min-Hyuk is on cloud nine, gushing over his pretty bride. She stands on a rooftop, promising herself to make the world a safer place for her children.

Is it Worth Watching Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon?

The supposed character of this drama is a joy to watch – she’s a little weird, doesn’t take any flak from anyone, and is an unlimited cutie. It’s the first time – to see a female leader in a Korean Drama who is into graphic design and gaming, and another first seeing a female leader with superhero-worthy power.

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  1. Strong woman do bong soon is a 2k17 series has a peculiar story line , and a pioneer school of thought of having the female lead with a super power and a gamer which is not one among the cliche concept . The primary character is a delight to watch and the story has all essence of feelings and no doubt this was a great hit .


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