Pinocchio Korean Drama starring Lee Min Ho

DramaFans Community Rating: 8/10

No. of Episodes: 20

Aired on:  Nov 12, 2014 – Jan 15, 2015 (Wednesday, Thursday)

Genres: Thriller, Mystery, Comedy, Romance

Available On: NetflixWeTV, Viki, SBS World, Apple TV, Kocowa

Overview of the Story

In the year 2000, Ki Ha-Myung is living a happy life with his parents and elder brother, Jae-Myung, until his father, Ki Ho-sang, the head of a firefighting squad, dies in a factory blast during a rescue attempt, along with several of his men.

Cast of Pinocchio

The cast of Pinocchio K-drama consists of Lee Jong Suk as Choi Dal Po / Ki Ha Myung, Park Shin Hye as Choi In Ha, Kim Young Kwang as Seo Beom Jo, Lee Yoo Bi as Yoon Yoo Rae, and Jin Kyung as Song Cha Ok.

Name: Lee Jong-suk
Age: 32 years old
Popular Shows & Movies: 
While You Were Sleeping, W (2016), Romance Is a Bonus Book, Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-Joo, Running Man and many more.

Name: Park Shin-hye
Age: 32 years old
Popular Shows & Movies: 
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Name: Kim Young-kwang
Age: 35 years old
Popular Shows & Movies: 
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Name: Lee Yu-bi
Age: 31 years old
Popular Shows & Movies: 
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Name: Jin Kyeong
Age: 49 years old
Popular Shows & Movies: 
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Summary of Pinocchio

Pinocchio is a Thriller- mystery rom-com Korean drama with 20 episodes.

Ki Ha-Myung has a peaceful life with his parents and older brother, Jae-Myung, in the year 2000, until his father, Ki Ho-sang, the captain of a firefighting squad, is killed in a factory explosion during a rescue effort, along with many of his colleagues. Ho-body sang’s goes missing at first, and the media sensationalizes the case by blaming him. In a rating competition, cold and calculating MSC reporter Song Cha-Ok claims that Ho-sang escaped the bomb and is now hiding since he is guilty of his men’s deaths. As a result, the Ki family becomes an outcast in their community and an object of national derision. Ki Ho-wife sang’s commits suicide by plunging off a cliff, and the oldest son, Jae-Myung, blames the death on the media, particularly Cha-ok.

But Ha-Myung is still alive, thanks to Choi Gong-Pil, a nice elderly guy who lives on Hyangri Island. Gong-Pil, who may be suffering from Alzheimer’s or trauma-induced memory loss, believes Ha-Myung is his older son Choi Dal-Po, a simpleton who died thirty years ago. Ha-Myung accepts the deceit and considers Gong-Pil to be his father. Gong-Pil formally adopts Ha-Myung, now known as Dal-Po, and registers him as his eldest son in the family registry. When Gong-younger pil’s son, Choi Dal-pyung, travels to the island with his daughter, Choi In-ha, they are taken aback when Gong-pil instructs them to call a mere youngster as their “elder brother” and “uncle,” respectively. Choi In-ha suffers from “Pinocchio syndrome,” which causes her to hiccup whenever she lies. She adores her mother and despises living on the island following her parents’ divorce. Dal-blossoming po’s connection with In-ha, however, is shattered when he discovers that In-mother ha’s is none other than Song Cha-ok.

In-ha and Dal-Po are seniors and classmates at their small-town high school five years later. To keep the illusion going in front of Choi Gong-Pil, Dal-Po pretends to be dumb and earns all zeroes on his exam results. Dal-Po is friendless at school due to his last-place class standing and scruffy, country bumpkin hair, while In-ha is the most popular girl. Dal-Po secretly likes In-ha, and he is forced to join a televised quiz show at first to prevent Ahn Chan Soo, who has a crush on In-ha, from confessing to her on national television. Dal-Po meets the show’s producer, Hwang Gyo-dong, who used to be a YGN reporter and Cha-opponent ok’s but changed occupations after what happened to the Ki family. In-ha resolves to become a journalist after witnessing Dal-Po on TV, although knowing that her Pinocchio condition restricts her professional options.

The Choi family returned to the city in 2013. In-ha has spent the three years since graduating from college preparing to become a reporter, but she has consistently failed job interviews. Dal-Po, on the other hand, is compelled to work as a taxi driver to make ends meet due to the Choi family’s poverty. Cha-ok, who hasn’t seen her daughter in a decade and is now MSC’s nightly news anchor and section leader, fails In-ha in her last interview, claiming that a reporter with Pinocchio syndrome is worthless. Dal-Po gets resolved to assist In-ha to realize her ambition after seeing her mother’s rejection and declares his desire to become a reporter.

A month later, In-ha and Dal-po apply for a “blind” audition for broadcast news reporters at YGN, but only Dal-Po is hired. When questioned by Gyo-dong, the new head of YGN’s news desk, Dal-Po admits his true identity as well as his true motivation for accepting the job: he wants to find his elder brother, Jae-Myung, and clear their father’s name. But what he doesn’t realize is that Jae-Myung has exacted revenge on the factory employees who lied about their father by murdering all of them and framing his final victim for the killings by concealing his body and posing as a fleeing suspect. Meanwhile, with MSC’s credibility rating at an all-time low, Cha-ok recruits In-ha as a PR stunt, using her Pinocchio condition.
Thus, Dal-Po and In-ha become rookies at rival networks, and among their coworkers are Seo Beom-jo, who comes from a rich, sheltered chaebol background and has a connection to In-ha through a wrong cellphone number, and Yoon Yoo-Rae, a former sasaeng fan who now uses those obsessive and determined traits in her new job.

Later in her career, In-ha learns about Choi Dal-true po’s identity and is outraged by what her mother Cha-ok did to his family during the fire. In-ha stands up to Cha-ok during a lecture, revealing to Jae-Myung that his brother is still alive. They work together to bring down Cha-ok through honest news reporting, while also exposing a larger conspiracy in the press business.

Ending of Pinocchio

After spending half his life secreting the reality of his identity from the people he adores, Dal Po learns that he can’t continue to do that. He also knows that the Choi family has become his family and that he isn’t ready to give that up or disrupt that for anything.

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