Hotel Del Luna K-Drama

Drama name: Hotel Del Luna

DramaFans Community Rating: 9/10

Episodes: 16

Aired on: Jul 13, 2019 (Saturday, Sunday) 

Original Network: tvN

Director: Hong Jung Eun, Hong Mi Ran

Genre: Horror, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy

The Korean show, “Hotel Del Luna” includes the gifted K-pop craftsman IU and the popular entertainer Yeo Jin-goo. “Hotel Del Luna” is the ideal K-show for enthusiasts of sentiment and phantom stories!

The series is composed by the Hong Sisters, Hong Jung Eun, and Hong Mi-ran, and coordinated by Oh Choong-hwan with leader maker Kim Kyu-Tae. Last year, this tomfoolery and innovative show resuscitated the standing of Korean narrating and extended the worldwide crowd!

With astounding entertainers like vocalist entertainer, IU credited as Lee Ji-Eun the proprietor of Hotel Del Luna, Yeo Jin-goo as the supervisor of Hotel Del Luna, Lee Joon-gi, Park Yoo Na, Lee Do Hyun, Kim Soo Hyun, Seo Yi Sook, and Block B’s P.O and extraordinary principle characters this show is for everybody! Get this show on the South Korean TV channel tvn! You will cherish it from the main episode to the last episode!
Here is the scoop on this remarkable show with heaps of dead individuals and hearts!

Jang Man-Wol, played by Lee Ji-Eun, is a young lady who was brought into the world during the Joseon period. Her attitude conflicts with others bringing about her having a lot of foes. She finds it difficult to concur with the higher class choices, so Jang Man-Wol’s readiness to revolt makes her evoke a solid feeling of contempt for individuals who have deceived her.

Besides, her spilling over the measure of disdain turns into the fuel to killing individuals that come after her. A while later, Jang Man-Wol goes over a soul tree where she becomes bound for many years to compensate for the transgressions she submitted.
Yet, what happens when a man by the name of Gu Chan sung shows up? His dad arranged with Jang Man wol years sooner, so presently Gu Chan must be the inn supervisor. Will he assist the proprietor of Hotel Del Luna with seeing past the displeasure and scorn she has felt in her previous existence to uncover her actual structure? You’ll need to watch to discover!

This immortal story has all that you could need including an inquisitive Hotel, a dubious soul, an abhorrent soul, closest companions, an essential association, a chronic executioner, a decent specialist, Ma Go and Grim Reaper, a lunar shroud, and the most youthful worker of a worldwide inn enterprise of all time!
K-show fans will cherish this well-known k-dramatization series that is making digital TV history! It’s no big surprise this became one of the greatest evaluated tvn dramatization series of all time!

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