Ashes Of Love Chinese Drama

DramaFans Community Rating: 9/10

No. of Episodes: 63

Aired on: Aug 2, 2018 – Sep 4, 2018 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Genres: Historical, Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy

Available On: NetflixWeTV, Viki, MZTV, MZTV Exclusive, China JiangsuTV

Overview of the Story

Zifen the Flower Deity dies after delivering birth to a daughter, Jinmi. She predicted a prophecy that her daughter will suffer a great love hardship within the first ten thousand years of her life. Thus, before dying she gives Jinmi a magical pellet that prevents her from sensing and expressing romantic love.

Cast of Ashes Of Love

The cast of Ashes Of Love C-drama consists of Yang Zi as Jin Mi, Deng Lun as Xy Feng [God of Fire and God of War], and Luo Yun Xi as Run Yu.

Name: Yang Zi
Age:  29 years old
Popular Shows & Movies: 
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Name: Deng Lun
Age:  29 years old
Popular Shows & Movies: 
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Name: Luo Yunxi
Age:  33 years old
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Summary of Ashes Of Love

Ashes of love is a historical Chinese drama starring Deng Lun named Xu Feng who was the God of Fire and God of War, Female main role was played by Yang Zi as Jin Mi. It starred Luo Yun Xi, Wang Yi Fei, Zhou Ting Wei, and Chen Yu Qi too.

Zifen, the Flower Deity, dies shortly after the birth of her daughter, Jinmi. She predicted that her daughter will have a major love hardship during the first ten thousand years of her existence. As a result, before she dies, she bestows on Jinmi a magical pellet that prohibits her from experiencing or expressing romantic love. Jinmi grows up as a low-level immortal in the Flower Realm. Her tranquil life is shattered when she meets the Fire Deity, Xufeng, who resides in the Heavenly Realm. Jinmi encounters Xufeng’s half-brother, the Night Deity Runyu, after persuading him to accompany her to the Heavenly Realm. She also meets Princess Sui He, a close ally of Xufeng’s mother, the Holy Empress, and Sui He believes she will marry Xufeng one day. Jinmi piques the attention of both Xufeng and Runyu, and as a result of the pellet, Jinmi gets unknowingly entangled in a love triangle between the two brothers, who grow to be competitors as a result of Jinmi and the Holy Empress’s intrigues. Jinmi also discovers her actual identity as the daughter of the late Flower Deity and the present Water Deity. Jinmi is eventually duped by Runyu into believing her father perished at the hands of Xufeng, and she murders him, coughing up the magical pellet as a result.

Xufeng is reincarnated in the Demon Realm later on. Soon dubbed the “New Demon King,” he wages war against Runyu, who has ascended to the throne as Heavenly Emperor and intends to crown Jinmi Holy Empress. Sui He, who accompanied Xufeng to the Demon world, dupes Xufeng into consenting to marry her so she may become Demon Queen, but she is destroyed when Xufeng discovers the truth about his rebirth. The last fight is about to begin, with combat to the death between Runyu and Xufeng. Jinmi, yearning to halt the loss of innocent lives, finally sacrifices herself to end the conflict and bring peace to the world.

In the aftermath, Xufeng relentlessly traverses the six worlds in pursuit of Jinmi’s soul. His quest is fruitless for three years until he realizes Jinmi was, in reality, a teardrop in his eye. Xufeng decides to wait for Jinmi after realizing she would be resurrected one day.

Five hundred years have passed. Jinmi is reincarnated in the Mortal Realm with her father. Xufeng appears in his phoenix form on the day of her scheduled wedding and reunites with Jinmi, who has preserved her memories. They decide to elope. Liuying works seven years later to usher in a new era of wealth in the Demon Realm. Suihe, driven insane by her loss, wanders the Demon Realm’s boundaries. She wanders into the same cave where she previously flung the ancient Demon King’s sons when they insulted her after mistaking an entrance for the Holy Empress’ throne. As a result, one of the remaining sons ate her alive. He appeared to have devoured his sibling. Runyu is the sole ruler of the Heavenly Realm as Celestial Emperor. He informs his devoted servant Kuanglu of this. She renews her promise to stay at his side at all times. Jinmi and Xufeng enjoy a pleasant life in the Mortal Realm and have a son who understands the narrative.

Ending of Ashes Of Love

Ashes Of Love does and it is far from being a disaster. But the happy ending for Xu Feng and Jin Mi only arrives after 500 years. After her death, Xu Feng resumes looking for her primordial spirit. It takes him 500 years before he discovers her in the Mortal Realm. She is currently reborn as a shopkeeper’s daughter and is to be married off. Xu Feng seizes her away from her wedding procession to live merrily in the Mortal Realm. They have a son a year after.

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