F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers Thai Lakorn

Drama Name: F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

DramaFans Community Rating: 9/10

Aired on: 18 December 2021 (Saturday)

No. of Episodes: 16

End date: 9 April, 2022

Original language: Thai

F4 Thailand is a Thai drama which also has a Japanese version as Hana Yori Dango, Taiwanese version as meteor garden, Korean version as boys over flower, and Chinese version as meteor garden and now the most awaited version is also aired. it stars Tontawan Tantivejakul as Gorya, vachirawit chivaaree as thyme, jirawat sutivanichsak as Ren, metawin opas-iamkajorn as kavin, and hirunkit changkham as methas(M.J.). it has a total of 16 episodes which started getting aired on Dec 18, 2021, and will be completed till Apr 9, 2022, where currently we are at the episode.
Goya is a regular high school student who works part-time at a flower store with her closest friend Kaning to help support her destitute family. And it appears that her life is as easy and routine as that, until she takes the admission test for a prominent, ridiculously costly high school, transforming her into the family’s sole hope of escaping poverty. Goya, on the other hand, finds the elite high school life to be artificial and vexing. And for that, she intends to be the most ordinary nobody, an aim that no one in this entire school aspires to.
Thyme, Ren, Kavin, and MJ are members of the infamous senior clique known as F4 at this school. These gorgeous guys are the heirs to the country’s wealthiest billionaires, and they glisten with beauty and clout. All eyes are on them at all times, even if these guys are the school’s top bullies, ready to throw anyone they don’t like about with aggressive pranks known as “getting the Red Card.” Nobody can stop them, and to make matters worse, the students look up to them and their arrogance. It’s as though they have the entire world in their hands, and Goya despises them for it. Goya is the only one who stands up to their bullying, which impresses all of the males, notably Thyme, the group’s leader. Thyme is almost immediately charmed with Goya and romantically pursues her, but she rejects him based on initial impressions. She soon falls in love with his closest friend Ren, but Ren is in love with his childhood sweetheart, Mira. Amid the craziness of school, Goya can’t help but fall for Thyme because of his kindness to her and her family, as well as his transformation of character.
Goya, an average girl, is going to become the focus of attention. It is at this point that she realizes life in this area of the world is not simple. And this is the narrative of a young girl who goes through her adolescent years alongside the most popular young guys. Obstacles, blunders, camaraderie, encouragement, happiness, and despair are all part of their journey. Most importantly, kids will understand the meaning of love as well as the process of learning to embrace it before entering the actual world of adulthood.

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