Best Spicy Chinese Dishes to Try: Top Chinese Cuisines 

Best Spicy Chinese Dishes to Try: Looking to add some heat to your Chinese cuisine? Check out our list of the best spicy Chinese dishes to try! From the classic Sichuan-style hot pot to the fiery Kung Pao chicken, we’ve got you covered with delicious and bold flavor combinations that will satisfy any spice lover. Get ready to spice up your next Chinese meal with these mouth-watering options.

Best Spicy Chinese Dishes to Try 

Chinese cuisine is known for its bold and diverse flavors, with Spicy Chinese Dishes being a staple of many regional cuisines. From the tongue-numbing heat of Sichuan-style dishes to the milder but still satisfying kick of Hunan-style cuisine, there’s no shortage of options when it comes to spicy Chinese dishes.

There are many different regional cuisines in China. But the foods from Sichuan, Hunan, Chongqing, Guizhou, and Yunnan are spicy garlic. You’ll probably experience a lot of sweating, yells of fiery ecstasy, and delectable sensations when you eat the spicy foods of China. Here we are listing the top 10 spicy Chinese dishes : 

1. Ma Po Tofu, Sichuan 

The meal is prepared with a fiery bean chilli sauce, ground pork, and tofu. As well as a generous amount of the mouth-numbing Sichuan peppercorn, a staple of Chongqing and Sichuan cuisine. The Chen Mapo Doufu restaurant in central Chengdu, which carries her name, serves the greatest mapo tofu. 

2. Dan dan noodles, Sichuan 

The genuine dan noodles served in Chengdu do not contain sugar or peanut or sesame seed past, unlike the variant seen in foreign Chinatowns.

A fiery chilli black bean paste, ground pork, a dab of raw, minced garlic, crisp ground peanuts, and garnishes of scallions and cilantro make up the authentic dan noodle dish. Unseasoned al dente noodles are placed on top of the sauce after the sauce has been applied to the bottom of an empty bowl. The diner is then given the task of combining everything.

All Sichuan restaurants in China provide this dish. However, Chengdu’s Chengdu Dan Dan Mian restaurant, which is near Wuhouci Temple, is the best place to eat it.

The noodles are offered by weight in Liang: One Liang is equal to 50 grams. Thus three would make a substantial dinner. As Lays potato chips, it’s difficult to consume just one serving of dan dan noodles (Liang).

3. Saliva chicken, Sichuan 

Roughly translated as “saliva chicken,” this dish makes you want to drool just thinking about it. This dish is an example of the kind of odd names that some Chinese foods have when they don’t actually convey what they are composed of. A hot yet mouthwatering dish.

Boiled chicken is marinated in a chilli and sesame oil sauce that contains ten different spices and condiments. All upscale Sichuan restaurants provide this first dish.

4. Hot and sour glass noodles, Chongqing 

This common spicy snack is made of glass noodles made from sweet potato flour that have been simmered in a soup. Soup that includes soybeans, chili paste, a lot of vinegar, and chili oil. It rarely costs more than RMB 6 per bowl. These noodles may be found on any authentic Chinese street food.

5. Gan Guo, Hunan 

Pick from a selection of meats, vegetables, and tofu to be quickly stir-fried before being delivered sizzling to your table in a little work.

The availability of fresh red and green chilli peppers, scallions, ginger, and garlic makes Hunan food among the spiciest in China and less oily than Sichuan cuisine.

6. Hot and sour fish soup, Guizhou 

Despite not having the most well-known cuisine in China, Guizhou offers a wide variety of hot dishes that will tantalize customers’ taste buds.

In Guizhou, a common cuisine is hot and sour fish soup. It is made with the freshwater fish of your choice and a fish broth made with tomatoes, red chilies, and other spices from Guizhou, garlic, chili oil, and scallions.

Contrary to popular opinion, the fermented vegetables that are eaten throughout Guizhou are what give food its sour flavor, not vinegar. Be on the lookout for Guizhou restaurants in China’s bigger cities.

7. Hunan spicy beef, Hunan 

Given that it is China’s second-largest source of beef, Hunan Province is well-versed in the art of beef preparation. Hunan spicy beef, which is beef stir-fried in a blend of fresh and deep-fried chili peppers, is the preferred beef meal.

8. Er kuai spicy chicken, Yunnan 

Outside of the Yunnan region, few people have heard of this delicacy, but Chinese foodies adore er kuai. A savory rice cake composed of glutinous rice paste that is stir-fried with fresh chili peppers and soft pieces of deep-fried chicken. Kunming’s eateries in the area of Yunnan University serve a delectable selection of er kuai dishes.

9. Hotpot, Chongqing 

Although there are many different types of noodle soup served throughout China, Chongqing is home to the spiciest and best hotpot. The kitchen sink-sized hotpot in the middle of the table has a layer of rendered beef fat on top, which makes the food appetizing.

The hotpot soup is made with 20 different herbs and spices, dried and fresh red chili peppers, and tofu. This ensures that whatever meat, vegetable, noodle, or tofu you dip into the hotpot will be rewarded with a spicy euphoria. That will last long after the meal is finished. China is home to several Chongqing hotpot restaurants, but those in Chongqing are the spiciest and best.

10. Yu Xiang tofu, Sichuan 

Yu Xiang tofu, which is another example of a Chinese dish. Whose name has nothing to do with its components, is literally translated as “fish-scented tofu.”

Even though this dish does not contain any fish, the connection to fish is made since Sichuan cooks have been similarly cooking fish for ages. The fish dish that the Yu Xiang tofu dish was named after is now less well-known.

Fresh capsicum and deep-fried tofu are simmered together with red chili bean paste, sugar, garlic, ginger, onions, and soy sauce. Tofu or shredded pork can be used in place of eggplant in this recipe. This typical Sichuan meal is prepared differently in every Sichuan restaurant.

Best Spicy Chinese Dishes to Try
Best Spicy Chinese Dishes to Try


It’s just so satisfying to eat because of something about the sight, aroma, and of course, the flavor. The vibrant meals, which feature a wide range of vegetables, base sauces, spices, and seasonings, present a rich flavor and texture image. There is nothing quite like it.

Now that you are aware of the top Chinese meals, including my personal favorites, make them see what I mean when I say that the cuisine brings me comfort unlike anything else! Lastly, in the article, it wouldn’t be better to say that Chinese spicy dishes are so delicious. So, if you’re looking to add some heat to your next Chinese meal, be sure to try out some of these best spicy Chinese dishes for a delicious and unforgettable Chinese cuisine culinary experience.

Best Spicy Chinese Dishes to Try 
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